Monday, January 30, 2012

Bump Photos!

Our wonderful friends Britany and Emily took some baby bump photos over their Christmas break, and they are now online!!

B+E Photography is where you'll find them (this link goes directly to our shoot's page). If you do some wondering around on their website, you'll find our engagement shoot that we had with them too!

I must admit that I've looked at them about 5 times in 2 days. They make me so happy! Our little one has grown so much (either that or I am REALLY fat). The last time I looked through them I had to remind myself that that is my belly. I don't have a pillow under my shirt or anything. It's amazing how easily I can forget that I'm preggo and have a body of a preggo woman.

If you want to see a video clip with our bump pictures set to music, this blog is the place to go!

It was a fun afternoon with friends, what more could I ask for? Then I got more, wonderful photographs to keep as memories of this time! Thanks Brit and Em!!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Magical Yarn Community

I travelled to school today with my friend Katie. She was look for a volunteer to do a heart scan on, and since I was already up, I said sure!!

After the scan on me was complete, I spent an hour or two sitting in the lobby crocheting. A bunch of people passed going in and out, then I noticed out of the corner of my eye a lady slowing down. She paused as if rethinking it, then approached me saying, "What ya working on?"

The conversation continued about knitting and crocheting; we said goodbye and she continued on her way.

First, I admire people who are outgoing enough to walk up and start a conversation. Second, I am amazed by and love the way that hobbies with yarn craft pulls people together.

Very bright spot in my day!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday Fun

Saturday was a kind of repeat of a fun day we had October 2010! This time, instead of engagement, we were focusing on a bump!

Brit and Em were here and we were able to spend time enjoying their company and photography skills! Sneak peak, and if you want to see them pretty much when we do, keep an eye on this blog.

We are super excited, and super excited to realize that we have 12 ish weeks left until we hopefully will get to meet this little person that keeps me entertained all day!!!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Bump Report - Week 28

*Warning, long post. If you are short on time and don't want to read all of it, skip to the end and there is a recap*

Oh my, we are in the last third of this pregnancy!!

I'm so stoked...and I have this feeling that Mr. is excited too!! So many things have happened and changed, and so many more things are changing every day.

First, just observations I can make (and other people can make). I am bigger than two weeks ago. Every other Bump Report, I've figured I was and all, but this two week span has been a blossom! I have a belly people!! (and THAT is something I never thought I'd be this proud of) When I am standing straight and I look down, there are no feet, only belly. I can bend and see them, but wow!!

Baby movements are getting stronger and baby is getting bigger. I can tell by the bigger tummy and watching my tummy. Now, not only can I feel the movements and people can feel the movements if they feel my belly ALSO I can WATCH my belly move!! It is WAY better than watching any movie, television show, sports game, concert, you name it! Squirt seems to have a nice sense of rhythm too. I've heard and read about baby hiccups in the womb, and that is not what it feels like, it feels like Squirt is beating on a drum in syncopated rhythm.

Squirt has decided that my bladder is a trampoline. So, I have yet to feel like I have to go to the bathroom all the time (I'm sure that will change soon) but let me tell you, something putting pressure on an empty bladder feels REALLY weird.

I am not wearing my wedding ring anymore, and I have noticed that my shoes are getting tired. So I can see the water weight is there. I probably could still wear my wedding ring, but there would be times when I would NOT be able to get it off, when my hand decides to swell. So instead of having the moments of anxiety about that, I have chosen to have it around my neck. I'm making my list of goals for after baby is born, and that is at the top. I WANT to wear my wedding ring. It bugs me so much not to have it on. So, BRING IT water weight! You have 12 to 13 more weeks to dominate, then it's MY turn!

I'm starting to feel the crunch of only having 12 to 13 more weeks. People have asked me where I'm going to be registered, and that's not quite done yet. Conversations have started about baby showers, and when people can put it on their schedule. Starting to think about the part time job I'm holding right now at the post office. Constantly getting questions about colors. DUDE! I haven't even taken down Christmas decor yet!!!

Lots happening.

There is even more happening beyond what I can observe though, and that's even more exciting! Baby is blinking by now, able to watch the light and shadow show through my belly and clothing. Baby is getting into a sort of sleep schedule. I've read that baby will sleep for bouts of 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Studies have even suggested that their may be dreaming already going on in Baby Troyer's naps. WHAT!! DREAMING!!

One of the first questions I hope to have answered in heaven is, "What do baby's dream about in the womb?" Do they dream about a pretty light pattern and the stomach growling? Does my child hear my voice in their dreams?

Baby's hearing is getting better and better. Squirt can probably hear my conversations with people. If you want Squirt to have a better chance to know your voice early on in life, talk to me! (how's that for a plea for friendship? ;)

Also, this week squirt weighs about 2.5 pounds. 4 more pounds between now and birth day would put baby right about at my weight at birth. So lets shoot for that, kay?!

As far as my weight goes, I'm not exactly positive. The last appointment I had I was about 14 pounds (16 minus boot weight). Bonnie tells me that's about average. Apparently average people don't post their pregnancy stuff online, because every other pregnant blogger that I follow is tiny at 28 weeks and have numbers like 11 and 12. But all of my resources that I've tapped (besides peers) say that between 19 and 25 is the number to shoot for next week, and next week is my next appointment. So YAY! We'll hope for the best (and if you are wondering why I don't just go hop and that scale I have sitting in the bathroom, it's because I NEVER look at the scale. I don't know what weight I was when I started, and I don't want to know what weight I am now. All I want to know is that I'm in a healthy amount of weight GAIN for the pregnancy. I have hopes, dreams, and plans that after this pregnancy I'll be able to put into practice everything that I have been preparing to kick off the baby weight and marriage weight. More on that at a later date)

This upcoming Tuesday is my next appointment. Bonnie will share the results about my Glucose test (which I'm not too worried because they didn't call and I didn't receive a note in the mail saying I needed to start taking extra iron). This is also the first appointment where Chad is not able to go with me. Work schedule didn't work out in our favor this time, but I gotta tell you, I love this man of mine!!! He has gone to EVERY appointment. We have yet to see one other guy there any time, but he still comes with me! Means the world to me!!

Saying that, he probably won't make to many more routine appointments. This week my mom is going with me and will get to hear the heartbeat (and movements) for the first time. But after this appointment, we start going every other week (welcome to the third trimester). Appointments are already short because there really haven't been odd or scary things going on. I thank God for that, for answering our prayers of protection over our child and my health! I can only imagine how much shorter they are going to get as I see the nurses and Bonnie more and more.

In March we have our hospital walk-through and we register so we know what's all going to go on during the labor at the hospital. We've looked online at pictures and descriptions, so I'm excited. Also, I'm very glad that it's the norm for them to preregister us.

We've gone through our Lamaze class DVD, baby care DVD, and I've gone through the breastfeeding DVD. We have one other DVD set to go through. The lady is weird and mostly annoying, but she gives some great ways to cope without medicine. So, I'm bearing through them, but I'm not sure Husband is going to make it through the DVDs with me. ;)

Wow, long post. Here is the recap.

Belly = bigger
Kicks = stronger
Sleeping = longer (the baby's not mine)
Blinking and Breathing = practice
Water Weight = yucky
Weight = average
Appointments = every other week
Classes = almost done



Saturday, January 14, 2012


In church we started a study on Galatians. During the study, we are being challenged to memorize with the rest of the church family. This week was Galatians 2:16

"know that a person is not justified by the works of the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in[a] Christ and not by the works of the law, because by the works of the law no one will be justified."

I'm starting on it a bit late, but here we go!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Freezer Cooking

Since before I got married, I've been intrigued by freezer cooking. The thought is to buy meat and other ingredients when they are on sale and spend a day or two cooking and preparing main meals to throw in the freezer to then cut down on time spent in the kitchen on other days.

I had a mini version of this a while ago when a large amount of chicken quarter were on sale. I did buy one and split it with my neighbor. I cooked some up for us to eat that night and some for shredding and to stick in the freezer. Being my first experience with freezer cooking, I didn't do a lot chicken and it was gone fast.

This week, ground beef in quantities of about 10 LB bags. So I bought one, and here is what I have to show from it!!

I cheated with this one. We had spaghetti and I saved half of it for the freezer. There was 1 LB at first.

4 hamburger patties (quarter pounders).

2 LB of already browned ground beef.

2 mini meatloaves (2 servings each) there is another 1 LB.

2 LB of ground beef already made into taco meat.

I also have 2 LB of not browned ground beef for use in any recipe, and some browned to be made into Mexican Shepherds Pie and thrown in the freezer.

That makes the total that I have 11 LB of ground beef. I'm excited to have all of this meat waiting for me in the freezer, and hope to do it again!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Warning

With barely any warning to anyone, I've gone and done something drastic.

I went to my favorite hair dresser armed with pictures of a couple's wedding day.

And I got my hair chopped!!

I always knew I wanted an alternative to the normal "mom-bob". The bob is adorable, but I'm 21, and I don't feel like looking quite that maternal yet. So part of my attempt to pull off "cool mom" starts with a functional and yet funky hair-do.

I'm glad no one but husband saw my morning hair!

So we'll see if I can figure out how to style this do, but so far, I'm loving it!!



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bump Report - Week 26

I know, I'm a little behind. You'll just have to imagine me wearing all sorts of cute outfits as Squirt and the Baby Bump have been growing since Week 23 (instead of the reality that I've been pretty lazy and not wanting to get out of sweatpants).

Here we are though, tomorrow is the first day of Week 26

Baby keeps growing. Squirt probably weighs between 1.5 and 1.75 pounds now and Baby Troyer is gaining fat (looking more and more like a newborn). Squirt's inner ears are probably developed enough to the point where there is a recognition of right side up and upside down. Baby's lungs are practicing breathing, though not air, but amniotic fluid just as practice.

The next big excitement is that sometime in the next couple weeks Squirt's eyelids will no longer be fused shut. According to one of my pregnancy apps on my phone the baby actually opens the eyes and sees light and shadows.

As for me, my uterus is about the size of a soccer. Belly button has yet to pop, but it's getting shallower and shallower :)

We'll see if this trend of no motivation for living outside of sweats continues.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Mother

I've always loved my mother, but there are times that she proves to me what a wonderful woman she is. I hope and strive to be a mother and woman like her in many ways!

This morning, after we started walking, she stuck around and helped me clean up my kitchen. It was left as a disaster zone when we left to travel. One of my hopes and goals is to reclaim the kitchen, allow it to a space that takes priority in my life. I don't mind cooking, if I don't have to do it in clutter. So, the kitchen is hopefully going to be taken back as a space for me to provide for my family, and this is the start!

Thanks Mommy!!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Internal Clock Says 2012

Now that I have had sometime to process the busy activities that just took place I'm ready to acknowledge that it is 2012. A new year has begun.

I have never gotten into the whole resolution thing. I'm not sure I ever plan to, but I do recognize that the new year is a great time to start a new habit (just as the beginning of any month is). In the month of January, there are things like the habit of walking intentionally that is going to start. To help with creating the habit (you know it has to go through the stages before it is a habit) my mom and I are going to start walking in the mornings.

There are other things though, that I like to start at a beginning with. As is the cycle, I found myself in a down section of my spiritual life. I've made goals in the past of reading a certain amount everyday, reading through the Bible in a year, stuff like that. What I found is that when life would happen and I'd get behind I wouldn't be satisfied without catching up, which was pretty impossible eventually. Instead of setting up myself for failure of that kind, I've chosen a smaller book of the Bible to concentrate on for the duration of the year: reading through it in different translations, listening to sermons on it, learning how to meditate on it, perhaps memorizing it or portions of it, listening for what God is telling me through this book. Through this habit, I pray and hope that I will let the Lord teach me not only from this book but also just through the discipline of reading, meditating, praying, memorizing and sharing.

The rest of my goals for the year, will come throughout the year! I'm excited to share them with you!!

Visual Candy of My Week

December was great, and I'm just not quite ready to say goodbye yet. Eventually I will have a New Year's post, but I have decided that since we celebrated a Christmas still on New Year's day I have at least a couple days. :)

Family is such a blessing!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Silence Official Broken

Husband said to me this weekend, "It's been since Christmas Eve since you have posted on your blog." I was aware, and I'm not sorry. I feel like during a holiday time, it's way more important to spend time with loved ones.

So far, though, this holiday has been so great!

Christmas Eve was considered our family's first Christmas. One of the highlights for me was puzzling with my wonderful Chad. (of course also the baby kicks and flutters that accompanied the night)

Sunday morning was breakfast with my parents and brother before church. And at church I was able to sing in a ladies ensemble! (Boy I miss singing!)

We spent the afternoon celebrating with Chad's family and setting up new electronics.

Husband had the Monday off of work and took the rest of the week off to have two days of relaxing with me and Squirt before we head to more family gatherings. (Oh, and on Tuesday we had a doctor's appointment. Found out I've gained about average weight and my belly size is average too!)

Thursday we headed for family pictures and spent two nights with my family at a hotel. We did fun things, like make the Walmart photo lady laugh endlessly, take a family bowling trip, and visit great grandma! (And somehow I ended up being successful in photographing everyone but my dad with the few pictures I took. Must be remedied.)

Saturday was spent with my mom's side of the family. Where my phone was set in the unfortunate spot to be picked up by a dear cousin of mine. I also was very pleased to get to see cousin Rachelle who brought the fabulous mittens to show me! You ROCK!

We headed halfway to Chad's aunt's that night and welcomed the new year from the comfort of a hotel.

Sunday we finished the trip to visit with Husband's dad's family. A delish meal was consumed and football dominated the conversation. Squirt was given the first official Christmas gifts, and it was exciting!

Now I'm biding my time until I fall asleep. The afternoon snooze I took has made sleeping so far tonight a very difficult task.

Hope your Holidays were as blessing filled as mine were!