Friday, December 25, 2020

#MusicMonday Project

I have my social media life overly sufficiently spread around. I have my personal account on Facebook and Instagram. I have a YouTube channel I have played with over the years (more on that one another time). I have a music account on Instagram and now a page for it on Facebook (A Timely Reminder is it's name). The reason for the spreading is simple, Facebook and Instagram is mainly where I share for friends and family about our family life. They aren't usually all that interested in what I do with music or other odd things that strike my fancy, so I chose to have separate accounts for that sort of thing.

Last December I used my music account to do a series of a cappella Christmas carols. This December I did #MusicMonday as I've been taking extra time to try and accompany myself a bit more as I sing on the piano. As I write this, I have one more to film post. This last one is getting an upgrade though, Chad bought me a microphone and small mixer for Christmas!! 

If you are interested in whatever musical mischief I get into, you can find me on facebook or instagram 

Mrs. Troyer

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

My Busy 20s

I will be 30 years old officially tomorrow.
It's hard to imagine this next decade being as full of changes, growth and events as my 20s. I thought a quick recap of what has made my 20s so full would be a fitting end.

And now that I've tried to write this recap 3 different times and 3 different ways, I've decided bullet points are the way to do it.

  • Graduated with my Associates degree
  • Joined the Troyer family by becoming Mrs. Troyer
  • Moved 3 times
  • Bought 1 house
  • Gave birth to our 3 children (one at home)
  • Worked at the church part-time (which was not in the plans at all)
  • Said farewell to dear family members
Looking at the 20 year old who was just about to be engaged to her best friend, I could not even begin to explain to her the ways in which her life was going to rapidly change. There have been times when I've felt like I'm just barely hanging on to life as it goes speeding by. Then times when I can't believe I have to face yet another day of infants waking me up in the middle of the night. But seasons come and seasons go. As I peer over the edge into what my 30s may hold for me, I can see it's a very different time of life than my 20s was, but no less filled with joy, sorrow, happiness, and growth. May I remember the lessons learned this last decade and hold dear their memories.

Monday, August 3, 2020

30 before 30 Wrap-up

This past year has been nothing like anything I ever, ever, ever have anticipated. With the tragic passing of my father-in-law, family sickness (which wasn't wholly unexpected), and the happenings of our world it feels like I've been living in a completely different year since February. Complete months were lost to anything productive as we survived from day to day trying to process what our life became. 

That being said, you can never let the bad rob the joy of the good. And so much good did happen this past year of my life. I'm not sure I ever had true intentions of completing my 30 Before 30, but it did give me some direction, some sense of accomplishment, a spark of excitement when planning anything else wasn't working. 

30 Before 30 Goals

  1. Spend one night away alone
    I had planned with my beautiful friend Naomi to come spend a night or maybe a weekend in March with her. Then the C-19 panic began. So this will have to wait until my 30s.

  2. Complete intentional blogging for a year
    Not even close. As I look back at this list, I'm not sure what I was even truly thinking would constitute intentional blogging. Eh, whatever.

  3. Make a blanket for Northern Michigan Relief Sale
    This sale didn't happen in the traditional way this year. So it's not the same thing, but I did help Alexi make her tie quilt. And geez-o-petes were these ties small and troublesome.

  4. Teach Alexi to make a complete supper
    I'm calling this one done even if it's not exactly accurate. She is getting so much closer. Her biggest obstacle is her own (and my) fear of getting burned, but give her sandwiches to make, fruit to cut, meals to plate, she's golden!

  5. Explore 3 active activity
    Nope. I like walking, I hate running. The prime time for me to do this was spent in turmoil at home. So here's another goal for my 30s.

  6. Compile 30 go-to meals
    Wrote a post about it HERE

  7. Read 30 books for me
    12 isn't even half way to 30. BUT 12 is a far cry from the 0 that it has been in other years of my 20s. Here's to hoping I do better in my 30s. I will say I've made some discoveries about my current relationship with books, music and other entertainment.

  8. Reread Chronicles of Narnia
    3 out of 7

  9. Reread Lord of the Rings
    Listened to the Hobbit. I enjoyed listening to it, but audiobooks are hard to time. Being surrounded by my kids from 7 in the morning until 8 at night makes finding time to listen without being interrupted difficult.

  10. Pick and hang decorations
    YES!!!! I'm in LOVE with my Gallery wall!!

  11. Finish kids' birth-to-year scrapbooks
    That's laughable! I did work on them some, but now I need to have more photos printed, which means sorting through my photos on Google.

  12. Read the Bible cover to cover in a year
    I've made it halfway through the Bible. I did not end up using the schedule that I outlined in a blog post. But I have a plan I'm still chipping away at. If I can do half the Bible in a year, then I'm hoping to finish it before my next birthday. Progress is always worth celebrating.

  13. Visit Dow Gardens
    Did not happen this past year, and I really don't know if it will happen this year. My dream would be to go this fall and see the leaves on their canopy walk. We'll see.

  14. Write a personal missions statement
    I kept putting this one off, then even more so once the craziness started in February. I pulled back out the thoughts I was working on recently and had a choice to make. I could continue with what I had and finish this one. It wasn't a bad start, but it wasn't the fire-lighting, purpose driving statement I was dreaming about. Ultimately my other option was to leave this one unfinished, but not forgotten. I'm taking the kids through the BELIEVE series by Randy Frazee this school year, and I'm certain my journey through that study a second time will help me as I accomplish this goal.

  15. Commission a custom art piece
    Have not done it yet, but I've picked out the artist that I want to do it!

  16. Get a perm
    Yup! Here's my post about that adventure.

  17. Finish and hang the Star Wars puzzle
    It sat on my table for a very very long time. Ultimately I determined it needed to move to my kitchen for better lighting. I reclaimed my table and packed the puzzle away again. I hope to bring it back out as the whether again gets cold. But enjoy this much simpler puzzle that my in-laws gave me for Christmas!

  18. Learn to write left handed
    Started. Discipline is not my strong suit. Plan on continuing.

  19. Relearn Euchre
    This was a silly one, but it was also one that was intended to happen with the get-together with friends goal. My motivation comes from the memories from camp of Chad and I playing euchre with friends the summer of 2009. I really haven't played since then, and don't really remember how. So no, this didn't happen, but maybe someday.

  20. Journey to toe touching
    There were months where an injury caused me back pain so intense I had to take breaks during the day to lie down on my bed. So no, this one did not happen. As noted earlier, making intentional plans for my 30s.

  21. Watch a sunrise and sunset
    For such a simple thing, this one has been hard to time as well. The hope is that this October I'll be able to check them both off.

  22. Read Little Women
    Listened to actually. Just as with the Hobbit, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but found it difficult to find time to listen. I actually did a fair bit of listening when watering my flowerbeds. So much so that I noticed the other night that I was pondering different chapters as I watered different beds. Must have been impactful.

  23. Memorize 30 Hymns/Worship Songs
    Memorize lyrics is still one of my archenemies. Definitely one that I'm moving to my goals for my 30s.

  24. Go to Disney World
    You can see our trip HERE

  25. Finish the hand-me-down crochet blanket
    This baby blanket was started by Chad's late aunt Lois. It has now been finished and is waiting in storage for the right recipient.

  26. Individual date with each kid
    I debated whether I should check this one off or not. When I wrote this list, I had every intention of take each kid out for a date. That hasn't happened, but what has happened has been just as sweet if not even more sweet. I've been more intentional about spending dedicated time focusing on them one-on-one while here at home. 

  27. Finish watching Castle
    Nope. I almost ordered it from our library multiple times. When it comes right down to it, I only have so much time to watch things that aren't intended for children, and these shows, no matter how much I liked them at one time, just don't fit in my life right now. Maybe someday, when I have teens.

  28. Finish watching Bones
    See above.

  29. Host 6 get-togethers with friends
    Hosting get-togethers in 2020??!!?? Hahahahaha! But no, the dinner invitations that I wanted to offer to friends didn't happen. But what I have had, playdates at the park, surprise visits from friends who have popped back home for a quick visit, and a habit of saying YES when someone spontaneously invites us to go somewhere with them. Hospitality looks different this year, but my friendships are growing deeper.

  30. Get to know my family tree (learn my legacy)
    Another thing left undone. But this one, thankfully, does not have a time limit. In a dream world I would have poured over the work that my great aunt has done on my dad's side of the family and the work that my mom has done on her side of the family. I would be making plans for a trip to Europe to see places where my family came from. Alas, that is a dream world. And the dream of visiting Europe feels like an impossibility even more. So I'll hold this goal loosely as I enter my 30s....but it's still there.
I'm thankful I put these thoughts, goals and ideas down on paper. I'm thankful I made them public. I'm thankful I set a deadline. I'm thankful I made it so I couldn't procrastinate and still be successful in finishing them all. The goals that were chosen had to be worked on and had time spent on them. It has taught me about my priorities, good and bad. It has taught me about my motivations and what toxic thoughts are holding me back from doing what I need or want to do.

Mrs. Troyer

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Satisfying Before and After

7 years ago we bought our home. With it came a plastic patio set that was in decent shape. 7 years later, decent was a descriptive that was a stretch. Let's just say they lived outside through all seasons, all weather, birds, insects, kids with mud and chalk, etc.

On Monday, armed with a bucket of soapy water, rags, and a bin of Magic Erasers I optimistically set out to change that.

Naturally because I didn't ask the kids for help, they all begged to help me. 

I almost titled this post "Almost Satisfying Before and After" because although the result is fairly satisfying, the amount of work that went into it was not. After spraying the chair down with water and giving it a good wipe with hot soapy water I set to scrubbing. 6 Magic Erasers later and I'd say it is only 85% of the chair is clean and stain free. 

Going forward, I've been told to grab Awesome cleaner from the dollar store. Which, if it works, is a much cheaper way to clean plastic patio furniture. I'll keep you updated.

Mrs. Troyer

Friday, June 12, 2020

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Meal Planning Cheat Sheet

For about the past year I've been compiling meals that we eat often to ease the process of Meal Planning. I've had scribbled notes and lists all over my planner, bedroom and kitchen counter. I finally started using a binder to keep the notes all together.

I decided it was finally time to compile the meals into something a little more organized and usable. Enter the Meal Planning Cheat Sheet...

I am not a dietitian, health nut, whole foods only, or anything like that. I just like good food and face the incredibly difficult task of feeding 3 young kids who are very opinionated. These are meals that are go-to winners for most of the family.

If you feel like making a list based off of this but want to tweak it for your family, I've made the document available here and you can Save As Copy or whatever that option is.

Here's to making yucky tasks more automatic less time consuming...
Mrs. Troyer

30 Before 30 - Compile 30 go-to meals