Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Just a little love for y'all!!

*warning* I found this image through google image search, and I do not necessarily agree with or endorse the source site. Just giving credit where credit is due



Snow Snow, Go Away Part 2

Part 2 of my spring and summer fashion inspiration.

I do know and understand that it will be a while before I would fit into/look right in some of these clothings. This is purely for a dreaming purpose

Here are the dresses and pieces...

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(My link is broken, help if you can)

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(another broken link, please help)

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That's it for it just needs to get here


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snow Snow, Go Away (Picture Heavy)

I'm ready, winter you can end.
I've been dreaming about wearing something besides the 4 outfits I have been wearing...

I do know and understand that it will be a while before I would fit into/look right in some of these clothings. This is purely for a dreaming purpose

These are my favorite spring and summer OUTFIT inspirations from Pintrest (yes, I love it)

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(the source link I have is broken. Help if you can)

Another day I may show more pieces that I'm in love with!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Bump Report - Week 33 (and probably 34)

I'm anticipating not being up to another bump report for week 34, so here it goes.

Baby is just getting big...bigger..bigger...
Less wrinkles, more fat

Me, more heartburn

I don't know what a braxton hicks feels like, but I've been having some not comfortable tummy tightening that isn't all that, practice contractions (aka braxton hicks)?

First baby shower March 5...second one March 10


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Debilitating Child

Today our dear little Squirt hurt me. Just walking along, minding my own business when BAM! I'm in pain.

Backing up. Normal Wednesday morning beginning.
 - Make Chad coffee
 - Get dressed for walking
 - Walk with mom for 30 minutes
 - Take out trash
Very normal

I wrote some checks to mail and deposited them in our mailbox, and that's when it happened. As I'm walking back to the house something very painful happens in my lower back. Nothing like what's I've ever felt before.

First thought is, lets put some pressure on this. It felt sorta like a muscle back there got SUPER tight SUPER fast, but not like everyone has been describing contractions to me as. So I called a favor in to my neighbor. That wonderful mother of three pushed on my back and rubbed it, showed me some stretches to help loosen it, and set me up in their rocking chair with an ice pack for a couple hours.

The day continued, I'm a little sore there now, but the consensus between me and the mother's that I've talked to (including my neighbor) is that it was probably something baby did. I don't notice a lot of baby's movements while I'm walking, and it's very probable that Squirt just moved in the right way to put pressure on my back in the wrong way.

Anywho, completely thankful for a wonderful network of mothers, and that baby is moving.

But Child, let's not repeat this, okay?!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Stove and Other Things

The last few days I've been busy in the kitchen. Now, like normal I didn't take any pictures, but I can tell you all about it. The past couple of months I have felt pretty bad (well, I didn't really feel too bad until I realized just how long it's been) about my lack of kitchen work. At the beginning of our marriage I started getting a little more adventurous in the kitchen and I tried to have at least a couple "real meals" each week. It's been a long time since I've been consistent about "real meals". I don't know if I am experiencing some last trimester "nesting" or if it's something else, but I've been desiring to make some really good food lately. So my kitchen has been busy.

Thursday - Meatloaf, fried hasbrowns, salad
Friday - Grilled Chicken (thanks to Chad), cheesy hashbrown casserole, sauteed asparagus
Friday - Boiled chicken for 7 cups shredded chicken in freezer
Friday - Most of dishes done
Saturday - Cream of Asparagus soup
Saturday - Rest of the dishes done
Saturday - Stove cleaned!!

That I did get pictures of...shiny stove!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bump Report - Week 32 / RECAP

How did we get here so fast? In 6 to 10 weeks baby will be full term and will hopefully make his or her appearance. That's less than the summer camping season out at Camp Barakel! March 5th is my (or is it baby's) first shower. The lovely ladies out at Camp Barakel (and some beautiful additions from town) will spend an evening with me, thanks to my lovely Cherry who is throwing it for me (or baby). I'm hearing of a shower at the church that will also be in March.

As I think about these showers, I'm humbled by how much the Lord has blessed me. He gave me a loving and supportive family, blessed me with an amazing husband (and now/soon child), surrounded me with loving families through churches and Barakel that jump to help guide and support me and my family! Thank you God and thank you to those who are following God's leading to be guiding hand in my life!

As for Squirt, let's look at what baby has been up to for these past two weeks. Weight gain is the name of the game. The approximate weight is 3.75 lb now, and between now and delivery time baby will gain weight like mad for warmth in this world of ours. Squirt's skin is turning rather pink now instead of the red it's been. As the soft lanugo hair that's been protecting baby starts disappearing, baby's hair and skin is becoming softer. Some babies settle into head down birthing positions around this week, but there is still plenty of space and time for Baby to get there if Squirt isn't ready to stay in a headstand position yet. :)

As for me, I'm tired. Often I struggle with heartburn/acid reflux because of baby movements. And my looniness and forgetfulness is reaching new heights. Overall, though, life is very good!

March 26th we have our POPS appointment. Not sure what it stands for, but that's when we will tour the hospital OB section and pre-register. Just hoping we don't end up there giving birth before then. I've heard it's not fun trying to register while in labor.

The other night I reviewed my two childbirth classes I have on DVD. Had a little anxiety creep up on me while watching them. I've reminded myself since then that God created my body to give birth naturally, Chad will be with me as a support, and most of all that Christ will be with me always. I still have some nervousness, but I know God's Will will be done, and that gives me peace.

Until next time, Squirt is growing and so am I!


Monday, February 13, 2012

I Do Believe...That Was a Foot

Something that I didn't realize before I got pregnant was that there are different movements. Babies kick, yes, but I find there are more movements than that. I would divide them this way.

1. Baby Kicks - easiest to describe and pick out.
2. Baby Jabs - not as strong as kicks and not as easy to pick out.
3. Tumble Roll - I've never been sea sick, but the movement reminds me of the way people describe their tummies feeling. Quite literally it looks like my belly has a wave of water in it.
4. Dance Moves - I swear my child has a sense of rhythm.
5. Trampoline Jump - my bladder seems to be enjoyable to jump on...or maybe it's being used as a punching bag...hmmm.
6. Slow, Long Stretch - well, as much of a stretch as the child can have in there.
7. Sleep Jerks - both Chad and I jerk and twitch in our sleep. Sometimes I'm positive that is what is going on. Absolutely no movement, then a startling one, then nothing again.

Another thing no one told me was about he heartburn/acid reflux. Everyone told me about vomiting, which I have yet to do, but no one told me that while I enjoy my baby movements, they will cause some major grossness. Love the movements; hate the reaction.

Back to the purpose. While at work today, baby was quiet for a long time. Around 1:30 I had a new experience. During a slow, long stretch I felt a large amount of pressure on the top of my tummy/uterus area. Curious, I started to rub that area and around it trying to identify a body part, as I have in the past. The pressure was coming from a body part that was fairly small and flat. I felt further, and had a good guess right about the time our child decided it tickled too much. It was a foot!! I'm 96% sure. It's so exciting to me  because I've been trying to identify a body part since I started feeling more distinct movements.

Oh yeah, there is this too! This is what I get distracted watching during the day...

Chad says he wants to grab/catch a hand or foot through my tummy. Not sure if it's possible, but keeps us entertained :)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life Lately

I've had a busier than normal work schedule lately, thus the lack of posts. Besides work, though, this is what I've been up to in a nutshell.

Working on photo organizing and scrapping/journal ideas. Lots of down time (when we have down time) with husband :) Finishing a replacement hat for the first hat I ever tried to make for chad about 5 years after the fact! And trips to the "big" city for Dr. Appointments and Star Wars Episode I in 3D and finding the second blue redbox we've found!!

Kitchen cleaning has been put on hold same with vacuuming.

I've been blessed :)


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Welcome to the pregnant sleeping conundrum.

I'm tired often, especially after going to Alpena for the afternoon. A nap makes the most sense, right? Everyone says that a pregnant woman should feel okay about napping, your body needs it.

My problem is then sleeping at night. I took a nap after supper, and now I'm still awake.

But it does allow for things like blog posting and watching "What I Used Out of My Hospital Bag" Youtube videos.

So time, 3:30


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bump Report - Week 30

We are down to 10 weeks...10 until my "guess date." This really is FLYING BY! I'm sure the last week or two waiting for squirt to finally be ready will seem like forever, but up to this point, I have no complaints about how long this is taking :)

I have my next appointment with Bonnie tomorrow. Last time (two weeks ago) my mom went with me. It was a fun afternoon and she actually came back with me for the appointment so she got to hear the heartbeat. Tomorrow, once more, Chad is not able to come with me, so my dad is! (For those of you wondering, I could go on my own, but with it being an hour drive, it's more fun with someone else in the car with you. Not to mention to go shopping with you afterward.) Before I know it, I'll be going every week!

Squirt has been and will continue to gain fat, that is smoothing out baby's wrinkly skin. Baby is about 2.75 lb now and I've heard the size (15.7 in) likened to a cabbage (in length). Squirt is still practicing breathing, and that has already caused at least one bout of hiccups that I felt during church one week.

Squirt's brain is also undergoing some pretty awesome changes. It's getting wrinkly and all set to absorb lots and lots of new information and learning!

We are loving just spending time relaxing and resting as a family as we get prepared mentally and physically for our third person joining us outside of the womb. So until next time, expect that we've been doing lots of this!


Thursday, February 2, 2012


Something funny (weird funny) has been happening to my brain.
I have a great idea for a blog post, pull out my pen and notebook, and it's gone.
Something really cool hits me and by the time I get to the computer I realize it was super dumb.
I really like my outfit for the day, take some pictures and hate them...
...or delete them accidentally and not have the gumption to take more.
I've had thoughts leave my head before (like "what did I come into this room for")...
...but I've now officially had my thoughts do a U-turn.
(my thoughts backwards make me want to laugh)

Then there is the oddities happening with my body.
Doesn't matter what I'm eating or where, I will be wearing it.
Is that a corner? Oh, I'll find out when my toe finds it, like it finds EVERY corner.
Why is it that the only comfortable way to lie down is on my back...
...the one way I'm not allowed to sleep (and never used to be able to sleep).
My nails, hokey!!! Never in my life have they grown so fast!
Phantom pee baby rolls around over my bladder...

Only a few times in my life have I ever had nothing and everything to say at once.
Only a few times in my life have I ever wanted to do everything and nothing at the same time.
Only a few times in my life have I ever wanted to scream and stay silent at the same time.
But those are now everyday experiences.

So if you are wondering where your 7 Things about Me and your Bump Report were, they were stuck in my brain, deleted from my phone, hated and loved, spoken and silenced...

I have another great idea, to officially show you our house (since everything is being moved and cleaned as we prepare to try to fit a baby bed and dresser in here), but that's another project that the ending seems no where in sight.

So eventually you will see that; hopefully tomorrow you will have week 30 Bump Report; hopefully next Monday you will have 7 Things about Me; hopefully soon I'll have the never ending sweater vest to show you (completed); hopefully I'll eventually have the words to tell you about the amazing things God is doing in my spiritual life.

For now, here is a picture for those who need a picture. It describes everything very well.

or perhaps this one

Until I try to post again, have a happy Thursday!


PS just so no one gets worried or on me, no I'm not sad or depressed. In fact I find all of these things rather comical at times, just at this moment it's frustrating. I know this deviates from me trying to stay mostly and uber positive on this social media medium. At the same time, I want to be real, and this is really happening. And like I said, usually I can and do laugh, so imagine that sound with these words! Is that possible you ask, the answer is yes, very much so!!

God is good--all the time--all the time--God is good!!!