Saturday, October 29, 2011

Date Days

I like date days with my hubby! Even when they are filled with thinking about the other person in this family.

We've started looking/thinking about cribs. With the new laws and warnings about drop side cribs, buying a used one is pretty much out of the question. Now most older drop side cribs have "conversion" kits you can get to make them into "fixed" side cribs. After a day of looking at a couple around here from family and friends, we have decided to keep our eyes open for newer cribs that we wouldn't have to modify at all that might be able to last through all children we may have.

We also went to the hair salon, where Chad got his hair cut!!

The rest of the day was wonderful and relaxing.

I love this man of mine!!!

And just for your enjoyment, some mushrooms I found around my parent's house!


Bump Report Week 16

I'm about out of words about this pregnancy. So, I'll say baby is the size of an avocado, 4 oz, sucking his/her thumb, enjoys sitting on my butt/leg nerves, and is moving around so much that I may have felt baby or might soon if it wasn't baby. Now some pictures.

It was starting to rain...

I thought I'd join a circus, but alas baby said no.

Happy fall!!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From October 9th...

Subject: Did I mention prayer?

"At 10:42 PM I'm awake when I should be sleeping. It's not that I'm not tired, been tired since 7:30 tonight. No, I'm filled with endless, needless worry.

As I mentioned, my second appointment is tomorrow morning, and I'm terrified that they might have found something wrong. I have no reason to believe that except for the irrational thoughts in my head, nonetheless I'm still awake.

When it came to baby making, Chad and I landed on the "God can overrule birth control and can close a woman's womb (check out the Old Testament, and for clarification we aren't saying it's always a direct act of God when a couple can't conceive, we are just acknowledging that he has the power to) so why pay for birth control." We prayed for God's protection that if we couldn't support a family to keep us from conceiving, but to bless us with children when he saw fit. Next thing we know, we are pregnant! It didn't take us years or months of trying, so I call that an answer!

So if that's where I stand on getting pregnant, why am I such a worry wart that something will be wrong? Does God not have control? Does he not know the plans he has for each child while they are still in the womb? If, for some reason, God calls our child home before we were to meet Baby Troyer, would that not be fulfilling His higher purpose?

Not that any of that would make it "feel" better if there were to be something wrong, but shouldn't it bring me peace?

Like I said, I have no indication that something should be wrong and that I should be worried. This is just the worry wart youngest child going through all of the worst case scenarios.

I'm headed to some prayer and scripture reading, but I would appreciate it if throughout this pregnancy y'all could be praying that the Lord would help me not give in to worry.


PS Also, you should check out my brother's new blog "

As we now know, the second appointment was confirmation that everything continues to look good with this baby and pregnancy. So good, in fact, that Bonnie (a certified nurse midwife in the Alpena Hospital) has agreed to take me on as one of her patients. That means that all subsequent appointments will be with her and that when I go in to deliver, she will most likely be the one called in to deliver Baby Troyer.

Even so, I still sometimes am filled with the worry that I was filled with that night. I'm hoping that once I'm able to feel the baby kicking I'll have some reassurances between appointments that everything is okay.

Overall, prayer is something that I would like to ask for. Prayer for peace, and prayer that this child will be healthy through the due date and beyond.

If you read this whole post, thank you!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost 6 Month Check-up (Warning, wordy post)

Tonight we had the pleasure of hosting the couple that took us through premarital counseling for supper. They brought a pizza that I threw in the oven and we had salad and mini brownie trifles. (maybe I'll take a picture as I indulge in another mini brownie trifle tomorrow)

Mostly I'm thankful for couples like this in our lives. Besides both Chad and I having healthy, God-fearing homes to grow up in, we have a network of loving couples willing to walk beside us and ask the hard questions about our relationship. Having the resource of so many healthy different views on living Christian lives as a married couple has helped so much. I feel God has blessed us as we listened to the loving advice and Biblical wisdom during our first months of marriage. I pray that we will continue to listen to God and those he sends our way as this is the only way that we will make it through this thing called life together.

It is so true, Love is a choice. It's hard work. It's a job. It's also a HUGE blessing! Thank you Lord!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bump Report Week 15

Week 15 is here. Baby is the size of a naval orange (or one spot said softball).

I had an elderly man tell me today that I was looking more motherly. For some reason, it seems right coming from a girl or fellow mother, but odd and weird coming from a guy, especially an elderly guy, *shrug* but I got over it.

I spent some time looking forward to a bigger belly as I looked for maternity clothing online. I know it will be a pain, but I can't wait to no longer be able to see my toes!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh since I didn't get a Week 14 Bump Report up, here is a little progress before Week 15 officially begins. Finding my legs weren't quite prepared for the new stuff happening above them and they'd like to give out every once in a while.


Love Affair with Pandora

It's true! I have a HUGE love affair with Pandora! Even more now that I have internet that can handle it :)
I have a few favorite stations I'd like to share with you.

  • Nickel Creek Radio - The whole sound says chill, relax, calm down, peace. It also is a great reminder of Josh.
  • Chicken Fried Radio - Tailored with just the right kind of country music that is my favorite!
  • Family Force 5 Radio - For when I need upbeat and uplifting music.
  • Sway Radio - Lyrical schmaltzy sounds, LOVE it!
  • Phil Wickham Radio - Worship music.
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Radio - SWING music!
  • Jim Brickman Radio - Soft piano music for the perfect background.
  • Regina Spektor Radio - Quirky songs to match my personality.
  • Charlie Brown Theme Song Radio - Jazzy instruments!
  • Sutton Foster Radio - Showtunes for when I feel like singing along :)
  • DC Talk Radio - Classic Christian Rapish....
  • She & Him Radio - It's similar to Regina Spektor, but slightly different, in a good way.
  • Dance Cardio Radio - For when I MUST get moving!
  • Christmas Radio - I've been BLARING this all week!!!

A music post seemed to be the perfect thing to do on a cozy, rainy day...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hey there!
First off, sorry for no Week 14 Bump Report. Not much has changed, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday were packed (and it's a strictly weekend thing for me). I'll be sure to get week 15 up this weekend!

Rough morning. Felt like this all day.

But, I determined it would be bad to stay in bed until Husband came home for lunch. Rewards were my incentives. Rewards like this one. (and like smelling better after the shower)

Now, to urge myself to be productive with the rest of my day. Is there a reward big enough for that? I think not (well besides the heavenly rewards), so I'll have to resort to using the logic of it's the RIGHT thing to do. The whole being a good steward of the things God has given us. Not to mention, this is the profession I have wanted to choose for years, my choice.....*sigh*

Okay Lord, You win, as you should. I'll stop being a baby (and just carry one instead :)


PS blaring my Christmas music station on Pandora today, it makes everything better!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bump Report Week 13

Week 13...if I read correctly I'm in my 2nd trimester! Tomorrow our second baby appointment is at 8:20.

I'm finding I have new mommy jitters. The fears are popping up about doing something wrong!! Mostly I'm just trying to remember that this baby is a gift from God, and it's His plans for this child, not mine.

All in all, pretty happy mommy and daddy!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just popping in to say what a blessed Sunday I was given. Also, I had a wonderful time of fellowship with this lovely girl yesterday! The Lord truly has blessed me!

Saturday, October 1, 2011