Friday, October 29, 2010

Story time with Bridge!!! (pre-warning: not your normal ring story)

Chad and I were never the normal couple. We had many conversations about many future events, like engagement and wedding, before many would deem it necessary. We had talked about rings, about how I didn't like public proposal stories, the best time for us to get married, etc. That being said, on with the story.

Sunday, October 10 (I think), my grandparents and Chad stayed after church until the church's evening activities. While my parents were away, my grandparent, Chad and I all fell asleep in the living room. Chad tried to get up before I woke up, but that didn't work. Because of that, I was well aware that he went to go talk to my dad that day. With Chad, though, it's not like that really matters; he'd be the one who would make you think it was something when it really wasn't just to throw you off his trail.

That next weekend, Chad had been asked to work out at Camp Barakel. I took that opportunity to spend time with Naomi, a friend out there, and Chad and I planned to spend time with other friends that night when he got off work. 7:30 rolled around and I made plans to meet him by his car. There, we decided it was time to drink our special water (more on that later ;) ). Then I asked about meeting up with Rob and Elizabeth. The response was that he didn't really know where they would be or what they'd be doing. Instead, he asked me to go for a walk.

Up to this point everything has been pretty normal for an evening with us. He decided that we would walk down to the north end of Shear Lake where there is a little bridge (new one I might add, meaning we were going to see it for the first time). We stopped in at the West Side Dining Hall and talked to Phyllis, semi-important detail. While in there I received a text message from Facebook. My mom had updated her status, and I read it aloud. "29 years ago Kevin Salsbury asked me to marry him, and I said yes."

That's when Chad hurried us out the door to head down to the lake. I then noticed just how dark it was outside with it being as cloudy as it was (it was about 8:15-8:30 by now). If you know me, I can get used to being in the not-so-great outdoors when I have to, if you give me about 2 months to get used to it, but when I've not been in it for a while, I'm a scared little girl. To say I didn't like walking on that path would be an understatement. We made it, though, and we didn't get eaten.

This new bridge thing has little railings that were perfect bench size, so, naturally, I sat down. Looking up I noticed the clouds were breaking and BRIGHT stars were showing through. I tried to get Chad to look up, but I could find his hand, because it was in his pocket. That's when I knew, it was coming. Finally I got him to sit down and he pulls out the ring. As he's holding it out to me, the clouds in front of the moon break and he is in the moonlight with the ring all sparkly! I go to hug him and the first words he's said since we got to the bridge are, "would you at least put it on so I don't drop it?"

That's right, I didn't actually get asked any question, but then I laughed, put it on, and asked about 5 of my own questions. "Are you ready for this? Am I ready for this? Can we do this? Are our parents ready for this? AM I READY FOR THIS?" Here I was, thinking I had prepared myself for this moment well enough that I wouldn't freak out, and quite the opposite happened. I inwardly started MAJORLY freaking out!

After sitting and talking for a little bit longer, we decided it was time to start telling people before I went home.

And that's the story.

Let the wedding craziness begin!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I now understand. I now understand just how addicting looking at etsy shops can be!
I've been SWAMPED with school and other life happenings, but I'm not apologizing. I'm simply stating the reason why I haven't been on. That and that I don't get tons of time on fast internet. Anyways, I found some time after doing some dreaded keyboarding to glance around on etsy, and this is what I found...

 found here

I totally have no need for these wristlets, but they are SO awesome!!

found here

I'm not a huge fan of rings, but these are so small and dainty, just my type

found here


found here

One in my size please!!

found here

Yeah, so, I think I'm done drooling for a little bit. Next update should be a bit more profitable...


Friday, October 1, 2010

Good day! Started out with a very nutritious breakfast of cold pizza and apple juice. The same breakfast that I've had for the last 3 day :)

I know, I know, not exactly the most healthy. I'm trying to do better tomorrow (and the fact that there is no pizza left won't hurt either).

......and.... TA-DA!!! New hair cut! Not too different, but just enough for a little while here.

And then the most camera shy dog I've found in a very long time! Cookie, my love!

After the morning of delicious breakfast, haircut, and adorable dog, I spent some mommy time in the afternoon! (Sorry, no pictures on this, too lazy.) We started our true mommy/daughter time with a nap at 3 (lasted till 4 but no one is supposed to know, because that's crazy long). Then we made 4 pie crust, one which we filled with the makings for apple pie and then baked! (Yes, many things were exciting to me today!) We had supper then went for walk (that means I get dark chocolate, YIPEE). The rest of the night spent together was cutting out paper leaves with books of the Bible on them. I love the fact that my mother is a teacher at heart so she spends so much time and effort teaching Sunday school class and Wednesday night stuff to the young ones....some day she'll have grandchildren.

So yes, overall, a very good day! Heading to bed now; hopefully I don't fall asleep before I finish reading my Psalm ;)

We'll see what all I get done tomorrow....(still working on stuff for this blog, goodness time is not on my side)

xoxo sleep tight!