Friday, December 25, 2020

#MusicMonday Project

I have my social media life overly sufficiently spread around. I have my personal account on Facebook and Instagram. I have a YouTube channel I have played with over the years (more on that one another time). I have a music account on Instagram and now a page for it on Facebook (A Timely Reminder is it's name). The reason for the spreading is simple, Facebook and Instagram is mainly where I share for friends and family about our family life. They aren't usually all that interested in what I do with music or other odd things that strike my fancy, so I chose to have separate accounts for that sort of thing.

Last December I used my music account to do a series of a cappella Christmas carols. This December I did #MusicMonday as I've been taking extra time to try and accompany myself a bit more as I sing on the piano. As I write this, I have one more to film post. This last one is getting an upgrade though, Chad bought me a microphone and small mixer for Christmas!! 

If you are interested in whatever musical mischief I get into, you can find me on facebook or instagram 

Mrs. Troyer