Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Exterior Progress

*source notes*
New door purchased from Lowes
Door installed by Chad and his dad
Hello decal from Krystal Klear Designs
New windows installed by Northern Woodcraft (local business)
Trim Color Sherwin Williams Shoji White
House Color Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
Both paints color matched by DoItBest Hardware so I could buy it locally

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Social Anxiety

Yesterday I attended the wedding of a wonderful young couple from our church. It was a beautiful ceremony. I had only taken my girls to the ceremony then we drove home and picked up Chad and Brian for the reception.

Some people, I've discovered, can attend a party, an event, a fundraiser, etc. with no trouble. They go, they have fun, talk to people, dance, be themselves, and at the end of it go home smiling. They crawl in bed and say, "Wow, that was fun." and go to sleep.

I am not some people.

Growing up, I thought everyone had the same experience I did. Social events and situations pulled the most bubbly and outgoing side of me to show up. So much so that I grew up believing what everyone said "Oh, Bridgette, she's SO outgoing and friendly!" Then I would spend hours that night, or over the next nights and/or weeks replaying every uncomfortable moment, every time I wish I had kept my mouth shut, every time I could have been misunderstood or I felt like someone was judging me by my words or actions in a way I didn't intend.

The years of doing that have worn on me.

Married life, then having kids, has afforded me the privilege of excuse. An out if you will. So for the last 6 years I've limited my social events out of fear. If I just don't go, don't interact, there will be nothing to over analyze and kick myself over. But that hasn't made it better. On the contrary, staying away from those social situations has only made my anxiety about them worse.

I've skipped out on bridal showers, baby showers, birthday gatherings, sending my gifts with other people.

So if you are one of those people that have missed me being at your gathering, please understand I want to come. But my people need their momma to be sane more.

Now excuse me while I try to forget every time I awkwardly made eye contact with someone yesterday.

Mrs. Troyer

Sunday, September 2, 2018

September Homemaker Check-In

Okay August, you threw a lot at me. Considering I spent a week husband-less (with my parents out of town too), had a trip to the emergency room one night, tore apart a bathroom, and had our windows replaced (3 and 1/2 days kicked out of our house) and started our homeschool year, I'm pleased with my habit progress. Was I perfect? Not even close! (right now I have a load of clothes in a basket to be put away, in the dryer to be folded, in the washer that needs to be rewashed, and in the bedroom waiting to go down).

I didn't end up using my phone checklist, not once.

As I was going through the month, I involved my kiddos as much as possible and look forward to the day that they get to contribute to our household maintenance 😁

With that in mind, my list of habits for September is with the understanding that for my own sanity, I need to equip my kids to assist.

Make Bed (which, dare I say, I think this one is actually a habit. 1 day this past week I went back into my room to make the bed only to discover I had already done it, without thinking about it)
1 Load of Laundry
1 Load of Dishes
Pre-Naptime and Pre-Bedtime 10 Minute Tidy

So much actual cleaning is hindered by the stuff that just multiplies on our surfaces and floor. If I can have the kids help me blitz tidy 2 times a day, when I need to actually clean I won't have to tidy first.

Check back with ya at the beginning of October!

Mrs. Troyer