Friday, September 30, 2011

12 Weeks/The Story

Today marks the beginning of week 12 of our pregnancy!

I have succumb to having a common cold and not being able to take normal cold drugs :( But thankfully I know I didn't get it from Husband, he had bronchitis. We are both on the healing side of things, we believe, so things are looking up!

Later today I hope to have a baby bump update (the first one) for y'all!

Through other blogs and baby websites I have been researching different "must-have" products for baby-care so I can make well informed decisions in our purchase choices. If anyone has any tips or opinions, we WELCOME your input!! As we get closer to the due date we will be making final decisions, I will be asking specifically about the products we are pretty sure about, so any mothers who are reading, I'm looking forward to your insight in the upcoming months.

In other news, Wednesday nights have started an exciting study at church. Instead of a traditional youth group, a Family Night has been instituted. It's a study open to all ages as we all study the same section of scripture through the curriculum of "The Story." The goal is to give families and the church family as a whole the starting point for Biblical conversations. So far we are starting the 3rd chapter, and I have loved the conversation opportunities that have started in our Wednesday night crew.

I'll be back (hopefully) later, but for now, that is all!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

End of One/Beginning of Another

As fall has officially begun, it's overdue for an update worth something.

This summer we lost neighbors. My parent's renters of the cape cod next door were able to buy a home. Because of a family who we knew needed housing VERY soon, my parents jumped on reclaiming the house and getting it ready to rent again. Just in time they were done enough for the next family to move in and we gained new neighbors.

Someday I may share more about them, but I'm waiting until I have permission. But I can tell you I spend a lot of time with that family throughout the day and it may be part of the reason my house isn't staying as clean and I'm not wasting as much time on my phone.

About a month ago I was really in the mood for fall, and we had some things in our backyard which reminded me that the season was coming to a close.

In our backyard we had a great grape and pear crop. We have a crab apple tree, (Which if anyone knows what good crab apples are, please share.) and we had some early color. 

Now, of course, we have lots more color and the fruit is past its prime. I just haven't taken the time to go photograph that yet.

That's all for now :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Troyer

To catch you up, I've been keeping a secret. But it's out now, I'm pregnant with Mr. Troyer and my first child!
We are 10 weeks along today! I know I won't start REALLY showing for a while, but my body changes have already made clothing a disaster. I hope to keep some dignity with my appearance, though, so my mom and I are on the lookout for clothing solutions.
Our first doctors appointment was last week with a midwife. I think my favorite part about seeing her for the first appointment is how calming she was. Oh, and we also got to hear Baby Troyer's heartbeat! At 172 our little ones heart is just a-racing!
So far I haven't thrown up, just a little seasick at times. Forgetfulness, tiredness, and emotionality have hit with a vengeance though. :)
God has blessed us greatly!

ps Baby Troyer is the size of a prune!