Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Satisfying Before and After

7 years ago we bought our home. With it came a plastic patio set that was in decent shape. 7 years later, decent was a descriptive that was a stretch. Let's just say they lived outside through all seasons, all weather, birds, insects, kids with mud and chalk, etc.

On Monday, armed with a bucket of soapy water, rags, and a bin of Magic Erasers I optimistically set out to change that.

Naturally because I didn't ask the kids for help, they all begged to help me. 

I almost titled this post "Almost Satisfying Before and After" because although the result is fairly satisfying, the amount of work that went into it was not. After spraying the chair down with water and giving it a good wipe with hot soapy water I set to scrubbing. 6 Magic Erasers later and I'd say it is only 85% of the chair is clean and stain free. 

Going forward, I've been told to grab Awesome cleaner from the dollar store. Which, if it works, is a much cheaper way to clean plastic patio furniture. I'll keep you updated.

Mrs. Troyer