Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day one of no homework.

The morning, proclaimed arts and crafts, wedding style.

Welcome to the reception after the wedding of Chad and Bridgette!

I'm off to try to not get soggy as I "run" around town. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On a side note! I have almost hit my 600 views! (at least since putting my counter at the bottom) I'm not a very confident blogger, and this has turned into a most muddled mix of personal life and crafts and obsessions and wedding and nonsense. But no matter, 600 views is still a GREAT thing!


YAY! Yay for rewards deserved!

I worked and worked last night and this morning. I took a break last night, for a walk with my mother and then this glorious view!

Granted, it was a bit chilly to sit out there for long, but in the last few minutes of full sunlight that we had, I had to enjoy it.

This sunshine just filled me up!

Smiling! Even bigger now, for the work of school, is done! Just now to wait impatiently for my scores. I must believe that I passed and that I have also graduated, but a small part of me fears still until I get the final scores!

18 short days, and I will be Bridgette Troyer!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My babies are now potted! They don't have names yet, but here they are very happy!

I did have a problem with one thing. These amazing pots from IKEA were made in China and have no drainage. But that was easily fixed with a hammer and nail :)

Maybe by the time I move them to their new home I will have names for them!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've been drooling a bit. Wedding/marriage stuff has been my guilty pleasure when avoiding school work.

Lately, gardening has sparked my interest. I don't know if it's really something I want to do, but I've been looking at it anyhow. With the warmer weather we have had here, we have some plants working their way up here now.

Have I introduced you to my friends?

This is Barbara! Valentines Day 2010 I got this from Chad. This is the FIRST plant I haven't killed!! She started the whole thought process ;)

And these little guys are new! The Post Office had some offshoots that accidentally got pulled off, and they were given to me! So I've found an article about caring for them; now I just have to get some containers and some soil!!!! So excited; haven't decided what to name them yet, but there they are!

So, school and wedding, and dreaming about plants! That's me!