Thursday, May 14, 2009

Packed and Ready to Go

I'm all packed. My car is not quite full (but i still think it's full enough) and I'm heading home on Saturday (day trip to Ann Arbor tomorrow for a one last HOORAH with Ames.). I'm not sure how I feel about anything at all right now though. So many things have happened that have added to the emotions I'm feeling that I'm not sure about much of anything lately.

Not really in the writing mood either. Just sorta odd right now (what's new).

Just thought you deserved an update!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Common Prayer

On this last "Day of Prayer" here at NTBI there is one common prayer that everyone is asking for. Perseverance. No one seems to have the gumption to do any schoolwork anymore. Unfortunately that creates difficulties as the Sophomores (that's me) have a a paper to spend 20 hours on and none of us have the desire to do it. Don't get me wrong, we know it will be amazing and SO beneficial to us and our walk with the Lord, but oh I just want to be done. Even right now I'm putting it off.

And I'm getting really frustrated. I keep starting these blog posts with all these ideas about what to write about then forgetting! GRRR!! SO ANNOYING!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amie and I went out for one of our last times. In just 11 days I'll hug that girl to death then drive north to my home town. But in honor of this being Cinco de Mayo we went to the little mexican restaurante El Compa right down the street from the school. I just think it's really funny that everyone feels like celebrating Cinco de Mayo whether they are Mexican or not. I think the fascination comes from the fact that it's not in English but it is simply the month and the day...oddness. Anyway, the reason for rambling about all that was to tell you that my mouth tastes funny because of the salsa.

So, I've started packing again. It's kinda fun, a great break from thinking about that huge paper I get to do by next Thursday. It'll be depressing when I've packed everything I can so I have to work on that 20 hour paper.

I have more to say, but it will have to wait.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

*hiccup hiccup*

Do you have any clue how much I HATE hiccups?! When I get the hiccups, they aren't the little polite "Excuse me I have the hiccups" they are "EXCUSE ME, PARDON ME, GIVE ME SOME WATER OR THIS WHOLE ROOM WILL BE DISTRACTED FOR THE NEXT 38 MINUTES!!!!" When I was in high school and junior high my teachers knew that when I got the hiccups it was best to let me out to get a drink. That really has nothing to do with what's on my mind right now, but my hiccups distracted me. Give me a second and I'll have them gone.

Okay, all set. I have a very LARGE variety of hobbies. None of them seem to match, but lately it's been sorta fun with one of them. I went home one weekend and had the urge to take pictures. I called up my friend KD and we set a time. The subject, her senior pictures. We get all set to go and head out to the river taking as many as we can before we find out that we forgot extra batteries. The whole day was just this amazing blur of laughing and taking pictures. I wasn't really too worried about if they were "quality" or not. I'm not a photographer and I know that. The day was done and I brought the pictures back to school with me to see what kind of editting I could do with them. I brought the final products (over 250 after weeding out the flops and giving different options with each successful picture) home with me this weekend. KD came over yesterday with her parents and decided on 5 of them to take to walmart for printing (I love low budget senior pictures, I swear I tried to make them look as profession as I could).

But I've had a sad day moment come. My camera has been fried for a while now, (accidentally got it wet and turned it on before I knew I had) but it has just recently stopped even taking "blind" pictures. *sniff sniff* It was only a Kodak Easy Share point and shoot, but it was my first and only camera. Lately, though, through friends of mine and a really cool website I found, I've been learning more about the inter workings of cameras' manual modes, and the things you can do with them. I'm in no rush to go out and buy the first camera I come across. Yes, it's sad that I have no camera and it will be missed greatly, but next time it will be a worthwhile investment (I hope).

So if you do end up with me anywhere and you have a camera, take pictures for me and offer me copies!! I LOVE pictures!

Well, being told I need to go finish making my preztel salad. (Scary right, Bridge in the kitchen!)

Until next time!