Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Meal Planning Cheat Sheet

For about the past year I've been compiling meals that we eat often to ease the process of Meal Planning. I've had scribbled notes and lists all over my planner, bedroom and kitchen counter. I finally started using a binder to keep the notes all together.

I decided it was finally time to compile the meals into something a little more organized and usable. Enter the Meal Planning Cheat Sheet...

I am not a dietitian, health nut, whole foods only, or anything like that. I just like good food and face the incredibly difficult task of feeding 3 young kids who are very opinionated. These are meals that are go-to winners for most of the family.

If you feel like making a list based off of this but want to tweak it for your family, I've made the document available here and you can Save As Copy or whatever that option is.

Here's to making yucky tasks more automatic less time consuming...
Mrs. Troyer

30 Before 30 - Compile 30 go-to meals