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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Disney 2020

Can I tell you something about our year 2020 so far? It has had enough in it to constitute an entire year! Super high highs and the lowest of lows. There are moments when I just want to crawl in bed and not get out again until 2021. I know that wouldn't solve anything, so instead I'm leaning into the Word and trying to get thoughts and words out of my head.

Enough of the general life update, onto the highest high so far of 2020 - DISNEY WORLD!

On February 1st we woke the kids up and put them in the car at 6 AM. They had no clue where we were headed or what we were doing. Once it was light outside we found a rest stop and told them what we were doing - driving to Disney World! We found their reaction wasn't the crazy, losing-their-mind moment we thought it would be, but a couple miles down the road the conversations turned to all the things they wanted to do at Disney. We'd been talking about Disney and watching videos about it for over a year. Little by little they realized all the things they would be able to see during this week. Every hour or so we'd have a "Will we be able to see _____?" question and the excitement began to build.

We split the 20 hour drive into two days and arrived midday on Feb 2 to All-Star Movies Resort. The rest of the trip was a blur of activity and walking and sleeping and excitement. We spent one day at every park and found something to love at each of them.

Prior to this, Chad and I had a vague impression that we'd like to visit Disney as a couple's getaway someday. This trip completely concreted that as a trip we WILL be taking. We also decided, after the driving there and back that we never want to drive it again.

The little 2 celebrated their birthdays while we were in the parks. When we left Disney, we had a 5, 6, and 7 year old. We confirmed what we had already guessed; Cades is our rollercoaster lover, Brian doesn't like anything remotely tense or scary, Alexi likes rides with action just slightly less than Cades.

Our favorite rides were:

  • Cadence - Alien Swirling Saucers or Smugglers Run
  • Brian - Toy Story Mania (but he also has said Smugglers Run or Soarin)
  • Alexi - Soarin' (really all three kids LOVED this one)
  • Me & Chad - Star Tours (we were so close to being able to ride Rise of the Resistance)

Rides we want to be sure to ride next time we go that we couldn't this time:

  • Cadence - Test Track
  • Brian - Peter Pan
  • Alexi - Splash Mountain
  • Me - Space Mountain
  • Chad - Test Track
Overall, it was an amazing trip! I'm sure we will never make a trip exactly like it again, but we are already looking forward to another Disney trip in the future!

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