Tuesday, June 4, 2019

FlyLady Basic Weekly Plan

It looks like all of my life is consumed with FlyLady if you were only reading on here...I promise it's not! School plans, Staycation plans, posts on our June break, and VBS will soon be written here, but not today. Today, I have big FlyLady news!

Still going strong on my routines, but this week I'm adding in some elements of the Basic Weekly Plan.
My weekly plan deviates from FlyLady's a bit so it better fits my needs and our family schedule, so here is what mine looks like.

Yesterday, being Monday, I had my meal plan written out and grocery list already in my purse. It was not the best mental or relational day with my kiddos, but life still had to go on. Despite my poopy attitude and the kids not really listening, we ran the 2 errands we needed to run and got our groceries home.

This morning began much better than yesterday. I didn't really plan on doing a weekly home blessing, but as I was marking the last thing off my morning routine I peeked at the Basic Weekly plan written in the bottom of my control journal. With the kids happily playing, the weather kind of gloomy, my morning routine complete, myself dressed to shoes, and trash needing to be taken out tonight, I decided to give it a try.

Out came my timer and I busied myself gathering my supplies (vacuum, dust cloth, window cloth and spray, mop). When I wrote out this list I wrote it straight from the FlyLady website. Not all will always apply to me, so I took a moment to make a plan.
15 minutes - mirrors and doors
5 minutes - dust surfaces
15 minutes  - sweep and vacuum high traffic areas
15 minutes - mop
I just recently went through our magazines, so they were set. Sheets will be changed on the next day that I don't have a full load of clothes (probably Thursday). Trash cans will be emptied right before taking the cans out to the road tonight. I was ready and then I was off.

Surprise, surprise, I did it. I finished, sweaty but with extra time. Was it perfect? No. Did I get on my hands and knees and scrub anything? No. Could someone find lots of dust and dirt hidden around my house? Yes.
But, the pollen is off my front door.
The bathroom mirrors no longer have water spots all over.
The entryway floor actually looks like a floor again.
Around the kitchen trash can actually doesn't look disgusting anymore.
There are no more crumbs under the dinning table.

Who knew I could write so much about one of my most hated tasks....cleaning ;)
Looking forward to writing a post about something else next.
Mrs. Troyer