Monday, April 29, 2019

Starting It Over Again

This isn't the 1st, not the 2nd, not the 3rd, not even the 4th time I've started with the baby-steps of FlyLady to try to gain control of my house. Each time has a different level of success, but never once have I finished the 31 days. But each time, something new has stuck with me. Making my bed daily. Getting out of sweatpants daily (even if I'm not going anywhere). The power of 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes. Etc.

So it's worth trying again. 

I have a specific goal this time. A motivation if you will (beyond the obvious of I'd like to live in a clean, decluttered home that doesn't make me lose my mind).

I have hopes, dreams and plans for this upcoming year--my last year before I turn 30. I'm working on some specific goals I'd like to accomplish between my 29th and 30th birthdays. But I know, I won't have the energy, the mental space, or the sanity to complete even half of them with my home in its current state.

So I'm here again.

My laundry isn't completed, my floor needs vacuumed, not all of my dishes are done (though a huge dent was made in that today). But my sink is shined.

For the next 31 days I have a checklist. I've done planners in the past, I've done checklists all over the place, I've done bullet journaling. I just need a place to keep in straight. So I spent a little less than an hour last week creating this checklist system. When something is added to the things that I already have as habits I added it to my daily checklist. (in the FlyLady world, this would be a version of the control journal)

Wish me luck.

Mrs. Troyer