Monday, March 18, 2019

Little Thoughts... 03-18-2019

Doing drywall is nothing like I expected. I never expected that it would be a such a nit-pick, small detail project. The perfectionism that Chad and I both tend to has driven me nuts.

2 days until spring!!

I'm thankful Chad's job is not primarily a night shift job.

Homeschooling is this weird mix of confidence and anxiety. It's so easy to get caught up in the "are we at the same level as the kids' peers?" and "does this curriculum actually teach all of it?"

Any day now I will have a new niece or nephew!! I love everything about new babies!!

Singing gives me equal amounts of joy and anxiety. I love to sing and I love to perform, but as is normal in the human experience I'm scared to death of what other people think (especially knowing what I think of hearing myself after the fact). Will I ever grow out of that?

I'm ready to send the kids outside daily without coats and everything.

Podcasts are getting another chance in my life. Currently listening to The World and Everything In It and the Trim Healthy Mama Poddy

That's all for now.

Mrs. Troyer

Friday, March 8, 2019

The Promise of Spring

It's March.
It goes on forever.
We still have a ton of snow.

This winter has been the best I've had in quite a few years, on the emotional front. It gives me hope that as we are transitioning our family from the little years to the early elementary years my emotional well-being will swing to the positive with it.

But let me say's March.
We still have a ton of snow.

The winter has finally caught up with me and I have all of the mood swings, lack of concentration, scattered and foggy brain to go with the depressed lack of activity and sun I've gotten.

How did you hold up?
Just checking in.
I have some fun things coming up; you should hear from me soon.

Mrs. Troyer