Wednesday, February 20, 2019

From My FB Page

The best encouragement you can give to a mom when you walk into her chaos:
Don't looked shocked and horrified at the mess, or the naked children.
Don't judge her attempting to finally get into the shower at 11 AM.
Encourage her with the words "You're doing great!"

Had a world class motherhood encourager enter my home today. She smiled and laughed with me as my half-naked children ran around "obeying" my command to get dressed. She put her hand on my shoulder and told me I was doing great...even as she could hear the shower running and I desperately should have taken a shower first thing this morning. I handed her the music she was picking up and she left, but the joy and encouragement has lasted.

Please hear me! It doesn't take long to pour into the lives of mothers. You don't need to invest hours into long visits, make 5-star meals for them, or do the piles of laundry they have. Pop your head in to say hi. Share a truth with them in a facebook message that the Lord has shown you. Recognize how good it is to see them out and about if by some miracle she is out of the house with her kids.

It can bring a lingering smile to her face the rest of her day.

Mrs. Troyer