Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When I grow up I wanna be... Part 3

The long awaited 3rd part is here, although I'm sure that this won't be the last.

Here at school the emphasis everywhere I turn is missions. I feel like anyone here could be convinced that missions is their lot in life. But that's not what I want. I don't want to be convinced that missions is the only choice I have. I know that it's not. I'm seeing all the options that I would have for my life, and it seems endless.

I was talking to my friend Matt the other day about God's will. I expressed how no one seems to be able to give me a foolproof way of knowing God's will. He stopped me and told me about his conversation that he had with our head of deans. He said it this way, God's will is not something that will always be directly expressed to you. God gives us logic and brains. He has laid out in His Word how to live honoring him. As we then have opportunities set before us we can test them against God's word, ask God for wisdom, and He will give it to us. At that time, using the logic we have been given and the wisdom that God will bestow on us, we can make an informed decision to live in a way pleasing to God.

That conversation has been with me and constantly on my mind. I see the truth in what was just said. But then in chapel the other day one of the lady deans speaking to us talked about how "if you aren't called to stay then you are called to go." I'm not sure how I feel about that comment. I'm sure she didn't mean to make it sound like that. But that phrase stuck out to me and I don't remember what the context was. She was telling us about how she and her husband gave up all their amazing goals (which WERE God honoring) to come to Michigan and go through school. I don't agree that you have to choose the option where you give up the most. I think God CAN use your human passions for His purposes. But how do I know for sure?

If I choose to go to KCC for the next two years and get an associates in something then come back here and finish my last year, it's not wrong for me to choose to NOT go on to the MTC. I just don't know how to know what it is that I AM supposed to do.

So until next time, I'm waiting for my moment of choice to come.