Tuesday, October 8, 2019

SUNSHINE - Daily Report 10-08-2019

The sun on these fall leaves are giving me LIFE today! Fall is my favorite season, for sure. My mental wellness that last 5 years would beg to differ, though, when it starts as gloomily rain as this year did.

The gloomy beginning just means that I'm even more pumped that this week is SUN every stinking day until Saturday!

Anywho...daily report time...

This morning I spent time with the account of Jacob and Esau's sons and family tree and the beginning of Josephs hardships being sold into slavery by his brothers. That was part of my TAWG (Time Alone With God) time this morning.

After the all over the place day of yesterday, today needed to be a "get things done" day at home.

When I opened the dishwasher after breakfast, I was greeted with unwashed dishes. A quick assessment tells me that I forgot to press "start" last night after filling it. Happily, there was enough space to add the breakfast dishes and get that going.

During the weekend I didn't get our school week planned out, so that was my task during the kids PBS time this morning.

This past weekend I did my seasonal inventory of children's shoes and coats, leading to a massive declutter of outgrown things. I also was able to go through 2 of my 3 kid's closet's as this summer has been the summer of growth spurts. This morning my mom picked up the billions of bags I had and she graciously took them to work with her (to the Family Resource Center that we have locally).

Since this is my daily report, I also am excited to report that I've begun reading my second of the 7 Chronicles of Narnia books. That series is on my 30 Before 30 list!

I was also proud to be able to get out of the house and walk to the hardware store. If I have to do cardio at all, walking it is.

My laundry is languishing today. I'm heading to bed with one load in the basket to be folded, one in the dryer, one in the washer to be rewashed tomorrow, and one in the other basket waiting to be washed. But tomorrow is another day, and another opportunity for laundry to be conquered.

Kitchen is closed up, and I'm heading to bed. Goodnight!

Mrs. Troyer

Monday, October 7, 2019

KICKOFF - Daily Report 10-07-2019

It's October, fall, 2019. How is that possible?! I feel like I'm loosing time and I'm struggling to focus. The lack of focus and normal motherhood-induced struggles in memory has me feeling like I'm loosing time. I wake up, accomplish daily tasks, fall in bed at the end of the day, and can't tell if I'm getting any closer to goals or any better at my habits.

(Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash)

So here is the outset of some daily reports. 

Will they be interesting to read? Who knows? But I know just the act of reporting what's happening in my day and with my goals should help me see progress more clearly. I'm hopeful it will also, even in a small measure, allow me to grab on to some time so it stops zooming so swiftly past out of my memory.

Today, being Grocery shopping day, is naturally a low production day for me. But it started well.

Actually it started well last night, when I went to bed AND TO SLEEP by about 10 PM. I'm a natural night owl, so it's a daily struggle to get in bed when I should for the time that I have to be up each day. So having all lights and electronics off before 10 means that when I got up just before 6 this morning, I wasn't tempted to fall back asleep.

I am dreadfully "behind" on my cover to cover reading of the Bible for this year. The way I have it set up, my readings are scheduled for Mon-Fri so I am able to slowly catch up, little by little, if I just read everyday including the weekends for a couple months. So this morning I read/listened to my next day's passage while eating my breakfast.

A snippet of history for you, menu planning, grocery list making, and grocery shopping has literally caused me to have panic attacks/anxiety attacks in the past. That bit means that I had a win today, I made my menu plan and grocery list without freaking out. The shopping process was a different story, but that was mostly out of my control. 

I have Alexi emptying the dishwasher right now as I bath the younger two. So I should set to fill the dishwasher and close up the kitchen before the kids are in bed. (and I did as you'll see below, complete with a shiny sink - as the FlyLady tells me to)

Those are pretty much the wins from my day
Mrs. Troyer