Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alexi Journal - 4 months

Alexi Joy is 4 months old. Boy time never pauses does it! On the 23rd she was 12lb 2oz and 24 inches long. That puts her just about middle of the road normal on both accounts. But, as it has been every measurement since birth, she is slim for her length.

In the past 2 months she's started doing some fun things.
She rolls around constantly.
She sometimes even prefers her belly
She is giving some signs that teeth will be coming sooner than I expected
She tries very had to imitate mom and dad buzzing our lips and blowing raspberries; it ends up being a lot of frustrated humming and drool and bubbles.
She grabs toys with increasing accuracy.
EVERYTHING either goes in her mouth or gets licked.
In our little seat/walker she has begun pushing herself backwards.
Switched to the next flow speed for bottle nipples.
Chooses to sleep on her side or tummy sometimes. (meaning I always put her on her back to sleep, but I'm not going to fight her if she wants to sleep on her side or back. Personally I'm a tummy or side sleeper, so I understand that desire)

Alexi was able to take her first two trips to lakes in August. By far she enjoyed the smaller, less windy Perry Lake to the big, bright, loud, and windy Lake Huron. Also, she experienced her first Northern Michigan MCC Relief Sale.

Currently we are practicing sitting up on mom and dad's bed and gaining upper body strength so crawling is right around the corner. Already the swimming leg motions are there.

After reading quite a bit and talking with Alexi's doctor, we've decided to introduce food in a couple weeks, close to her 5 month mark. I do think I'm going to start with the rice cereal because it's convenient (we were given some) but I hope to squeeze in a little avocado as her second food here at the end of avocado season. All her kitchenware is washed, sippy cups ready, ready for our next adventure!

And if you are looking for photos, I'll refer you back a couple posts to my Snapshots Lately post.