Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sports night

If you know me personally, you know I'm not a sports person. I'll watch and cheer for baseball, I'll cheer for any event I'm at, I'll try to stay awake for a game in tv if someone asks me to, but I DON'T play sports.

When hubby decides it's sports night, and I don't have to watch. I choose my own "sport." Since I don't do sports, crafts are mine, and this particular project is my marathon.

But for the night, we are snuggled down in the couch near each other. Happy wife :)


New look

If you follow me in a reader, you may want to check out my blog page, it's getting a facelift! I think the majority is done, but I still have some tweaks i would like to make.

Yup, just thought it was time for a change!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday Beach Bums Baseball

For my birthday, hubby took us to Traverse City. Living where we do, that means shopping :) Especially when you are still putting the finishing touches on setting up the house. Just because both of you have graduated from college does not mean that you remember a cart though, so we improvise!

The main reason to go to TC, though, was for a professional baseball game. Chad's not a huge baseball fan, but he stands it. This was a very special game though. Not only did it downpour right before and right at the end of the game, but it was also STAR WARS NIGHT!!! I cannot tell you how GEEKED we were! Now it was a bit disappointing that just different types of clone fighters, one imperial guard (the guys in red) and one death star controller were there, but the idea of it was completely awesome!!!

Despite the rain, we did get blue sky in the middle of the game. And we also caught a ball, well a stress reliever ball...

Fun days, can't wait for more like them!


Exciting days and a birthday!

Being newlyweds is awesome because all of the small things still excite you. Let me give some examples...

During the events of the last post we received two exciting things from delivery people. First was the shark vacuum we ordered from bed bath and beyond! And second were our photographs from our wedding photographer charlotte landry!!

Alright, so those were some pretty big things worthy of being excited over, but these next ones prove my point.

I went on an outing with two of my favorite ladies to the big town of Mio for some shopping and haircuts. (forgive me ladies, I was slacking on my camera duty) while out I thrifted this bodum single serve coffee maker for 25 cents (among other kitchen things)! Then we stopped at Mickey D's for some refreshment and wifi and swapped favorite iPhone apps. Afternoons like that just refresh my soul!

In august I had a birthday! Two mothers stopped and wished me a happy birthday, so fun! Then hubby decided we were going to go to a very special baseball game (more on that later).

All in all, meaning of the message, I love being married!!