Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm supposed to be in bed, asleep. I told myself I would be. My brain didn't seem to get the message.

I've written and thought a lot today. I haven't been very productive visibly, but I've made HUGE strides in my mind.

See, for the past weeks, my parents and fiance could attest to the fact that I've been stressed and a bit testy. The inward battle came to it's climax on Sunday. As the worship team practiced, I could feel my attitude go south. I was watching the thought process in my mind not knowing really how to stop it. I left before prayer time and ran home to do a couple last minute things and started a two-day conversation with God.

Getting engaged has been the greatest thing for our relationship (mine and God's). He's done so much in me the past 15 weeks! I knew in my heart that it wasn't going to last much longer on the smooth course it was on. In order to take the next step I knew there would be adversity -- something needed to challenge my faith for it to grow. What I didn't know was what it would be. 

Don't get too excited now, it's nothing big, not yet. Little things before big. I've just been ubber (yes I just said ubber) aware of my yucky personality traits and habits. I've found myself being more needy and demanding and self-seeking. God just as gently as he could pointed them out to me and helped me to see the NEED to change that in my life. 

So yes, I'm busy. Yes I'm still stressed (I'm getting married, I'm not sure that will fade at all until I am Bridgette Marie Troyer). My Father has graciously lavished on me this night, though, a peace. I was looking through my wedding checklist before I read some from Psalms tonight, and for the first time in a while it felt good. He gave me peace that it would work out to His glory if I would quit worrying and just do my best for Him!

I just knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on His Word (which I most desperately need) if I didn't write to quiet my mind.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wedding wedding wedding!
We went "dress" shopping today. By that I mean, my mom, seamstress and I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought the material and pattern today. And as we don't get to a big city often, the two I was with had other things to get in the store. I happily amused myself with this. (among other things)

Such pretty pictures!! I just drooled (not on the book I promise).

We spent literally all day there in the city, and arrived home in time for me to have the energy to finally put away all my clean clothes and get ready to do laundry tomorrow *sheepish grin*. And as I was in the cleaning mood, I went through my drawers and removed all that doesn't fit, is worn, or I don't wear.

Creativity spark NOW!!! (too bad I don't have time for that)

On to the next I guess...


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I told myself and Chad that I would be going to bed a bit earlier tonight. Well, no such luck. It's not my fault I feel like being the most creative in the middle of the night. 

That's right, I spent the evening designing a possible invitation, program, and other random wedding things...

But I think this might just be my bed time now. Goodnight!
<3 Bri

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Did I ever tell you that I'm a part of a writing club? Or at least of sorts. We used to get together and talk about the stories that we wrote, and sometimes we'd write stories together. We typed on old typewriters; we even had dues for club expenses.
As is normal with me, I have a hard time letting stuff like that go. I was reading through my stories today, it's amazing how much imagination I had as a middle and high schooler. Someday I might finish one, and maybe I'll even share it with you. For the moment, though, I'm content to let the Hollow Oak Writing Club be my one and only critique.
Just one more uncommonly known fact about me.

This is now the 6th online class I've taken from KCC. Every one of them have asked me to create my "homepage" as one of the first assignments. The "homepage" is basically an About Me section. In honor of my last semester starting, I figured I would repost it here.

Hi! I'm Bridgette Marie Salsbury. The first thing you should know about me is that I will soon not be Bridgette Marie Salsbury. Come May 14th I will be Bridgette Marie Troyer. My fiance proposed on October 16th, and we will both be excited to graduate then tie the knot. The second thing you should know is that I am a Christian. I understand that it is somewhat unpopular to make such a bold statement like that without getting to know whomever is reading this first. What I've come to realize in my faith, though, is that what I believe shouldn't be a part of who I am, it should define me. In summation, my name is Bridgette and I have two loves, Jesus Christ and Chad.
Currently I live in a little town named Comins, where I also work at the United States Postal Service. I've lived in Oscoda County for about 10 years, but before that I lived in Portage, Michigan and before that in Ohio.
I am graduating in May of this year with my Associates of Administrative Assistant. Ultimately, I hope not to have to use my education. I'd love to be a full-time mother as my mother was, but we'll see what happens. Living expenses may take priority.
If you would like to know anything else about me, please don't hesitate to ask. Just go ahead and email me (you might want to identify yourself and why you are writing me). 

I think it's healthy every-once-in-a-while to introduce myself in writing again. It grounds me, makes me remember what is real, what is important, and what defines me.

What defines you?